Dale Robinson

“You Don’t have to be Perfect”

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Dale Robinson

The GURU turns Nothing into Something

My name is Dale Robinson, I am a twice convicted felon who is on a journey to redemption. At 43 years old, I am honored to say that I have overcome a lifetime of adversity. I have transformed a life of crime into a life of promise, I have learned from and turned away from my own selfish greed, and I am fulfilling a lifelong journey to give back to a community that didn’t turn its back on me. I am a devoted husband, father of two amazing sons, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, activist, and community leader. I am committed to breaking the cycle of incarceration for children that are impacted by it as well as men and women trying to rehabilitate from it.

The Making of a Guru

Dale Robinson's book is a must read. He uses the GURU mindset to be a beacon of light to others that want to propel their life forward. From the day he walked out of prison he has been a kindle for those around him. He knew there was a need to share the critical steps he took to become a GURU himself and so he wrote this book.

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