Dale’s vision of owning his own gym was planted deep inside of him while he was in prison. That vision began to sprout as he took action by coaching classes in his garage. In another leap of belief in himself his vision began to bloom as he took his Bootcamp style training into a local gym. With his rapid growth he faced another adversity of being displaced from that local gym. Again, with another large leap of belief, Dale’s vision began to flourish as he opened his first location. 
The vision that Dale had for G.U.R.U. Fitness was deeper than fitness itself. It was about transforming lives. Dale’s approach is unique and impactful. He has a distinct ability to connect and lead well. Which has led him to growing his fitness empire as he sold his first location, opening a second and begins to franchise. 
He has created a culture, a thriving community and he is blazing his own trail of how fitness is approached. In doing this he created a 6 point method: S.E.R.R.V.O. that is all about building a successful business and cultivating culture. 
Serving is what he does, providing value is who he is. 

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